Domain Portfolio Management

We manage your complete domain portfolio. We can offer each ccTLD as well es all TLDs like .com .net .org, but also all newTLDs. All domains are registered for you as owner and if you decide to use our Trustee Service you get a contract where you are guaranteed to have the full right of your domain names.

Registry Communication

Different Registries are sending different emails, requiring confirmations or other actions. We handle all communication for you and take the appropriate actions.

Every Registry has its own processes and needs different actions. They are sending a lot of emails during the registration or a transfer process, as well as during the lifetime period of a domain name. It is important to take actions and confirmations right in time to keep a domain name life. We handle all this communication process with the registry on behalf of the domain owner.

Registration and Transfer Handling

We register domain names for you under every Top Level Domain you like and we handle registration processes and transfer processes.

Usually registration processes are easy, just for some TLDs registries require additional confirmations. Transfer processes are more complex, because registries require different codes and different confirmations to transfer a domain name. The processes are different for each TLD. We handle the complete process and you are not overwhelmed with information where you are asked to do certain things.

Trustee Service

Our Domain Portfolio Management includes a Trustee Service. You can decide for each domain name if you like to be shown up as domain owner, or if you wish to use our Trustee Service.

Sometimes you do not want yourself as domain owner to be shown in the WHOIS. In this case you can use our Trustee Service. A contract between you and us will be signed, where it is guaranteed that you have the full rights of your domain name and the we act on your behalf. Some country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) require a local presence of the domain owner. In this case we use an external Trustee Service at additional costs.

Policy Handling, Renewals and Cancellations

Each registry has their own policies. We fulfill every step that your domain name fits the appropriate policies. We also take care about renewal in time, if the registry of your domain name has a renewal policy. Also the registries update their policies from time to time and we adopt the processes for your domains to meet the new policy requirements.

Some registries require renewals to keep the domain name, some of them have a lifetime period. In each case we take care, that we renew your domain in time, so you never have to care about renewal dates. And for domain names with lifetime registration we handle the cancellation process if you want to cancel a domain name. Some registries need paperworks, some not. In each case we handle the process in the right way for you.


Nameservers are required for a domain name. Our Domain Portfolio Management includes the usage of our Anycast Nameservers. But if you want you can use your own nameservers of course.

Anycast is a network addressing and routing method in which requests from a single sender are routed to the nearest node in a group of potential nameservers, though it may be sent to several nodes, all identified by the same destination address. This method makes nameservers extremely stable and protects against DDOS attacks. The service of Anycast nameservers is included, but not mandatory for domain names in your portfolio. Each domain can have their own nameservers for their needs.


At registry level domain names are billed, when they are due to renew. So each domain produces an invoice at a different time. This results in many bills and there will be more the more domains you have in your portfolio. We just bill all domains once, regardless how many domain names in your portfolio.

The registry or self hosting portals where you can register domain names are sending an invoice on a per domain basis at the time, when the domain name is due to renew. This can become very quickly very confusing with many domains. We don’t bill on a domain basis, we bill all domains once, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly of yearly for the whole portfolio. So you keep the overview and you are not overwhelmed with invoices.

If you have any questions just fill out the form below. We will answer your questions immediately.