Managed Servers

We offer managed servers specially for your requirements. Each software or each project has different needs. We analyze your needs and we set up and build a system which one exactly meets your requirements.

Server Setup

We are able to set up your servers in a very short time. The equipment (RAM, Diskspace, Cores) of the server depends on your requirements. We are able to change it at any time depending on the server load.

We set up your servers so that they are ready to go and ready to maintain for developers so that they can start to work immediately. Every kind of server setup is possible, depending on your project. We also manage single database servers and large server infrastructures with applications servers for different kind of usage and load balanced services. Additionally if large amounts of content is delivered we can set up a CDN network for target locations or shared on servers around the world.


All servers we manage are included in our monitoring. The monitoring is very important to keep your machines up to date and running. Additionally they are adjusted for current needs manually.

This means each server is monitored for any service what is running on the server. We know about the growth of the diskspace, the RAM usage, the CPU usage, the bandwith – in case of mail servers – if the mail queue is critical, the server load and many more parameters. We take action manually at any time if one of the server parameters becomes critical.


Keep servers up to date is a very important task. We take care of all updates on the OS layer and we also make updates on the application software layer in coordination with your developers.

For the Operating System there are daily updates available. We apply this upgrades on a daily basis. OS updates do not affect application functionality. Wa also handle updates of the application software, together with your developers to ensure functionality. Updates do not require a downtime.

High Availability

If you need a high availability for your services we build clustered and load balanced servers depending on the expected and current load and traffic.

Some services may be critical, like database servers or services used by thousands of users. This services may have no downtime, even not for a server reboot. In this case we can offer solutions like replicated database servers or load balanced servers. So necessary maintenance or a server reboot cause no downtime.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

If you offer for your users downloads of videos, images or games and you target users worldwide or to a restricted territorial area, we can set you up a CDN.

In a Content Delivery Network your content is distributed to many servers located around the world or located in your targeted area. Users will get the nearest available server to retrieve the content. This ensures fast content delivery and less load on the master server. Additionally more bandwidth is available for the content than on a single node.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) vs. Dedicated Server

We operate the servers as VPS Servers based on KVM. The most advantage of a VPS is the independency from the hardware and their flexibility. There are also many more advantages over dedicated servers.

On a dedicated server you have a fixed amount of RAM and Cores. You cannot change the RAM or the cores depending on a specific situation. A VPS Server can be adjusted at any time. A dedicated server depends on its hardware and hardware is getting old and causes failures. In the case you have an unexpected downtime of your service, it has to be escalated to bring the service back up again. A VPS is located on a hardware node and has a second instance in background on another hardware node. So if something happens with the hardware, the VPS proceeds to run on another hardware node without downtime. VPS can be moved “stateful” from one hardware node to the other. That means all services proceed to run without interruption while a VPS is moved from one node to the other. So the underlaying hardware could be replaced easily.

Please note: We offer managed Servers as Linux Servers only. We do not operate Windows Servers.

You are interested in a managed server or a cloud setup? Please describe your requirements or describe your project. We are sure we can offer you a successful solution.